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Anmer Village

Anmer is 11 miles north east by north of King’s Lynn. Anmer village was in existence in Saxon times. Orgar a Saxon freeman was principle lord  of Anmere before the Norman Conquest of 1066, after which the village was given to the Earl of Boulogne. In 1303 Sir William de Calthorpe was made Lord and patron and in the same year Anmers first recorded rector was Reginald de Waterden. By 1705 the Anmer Estate was held by James Coldham and it remained in Coldham hands until it was bought in 1862 for the Prince of Wales as a wedding present.  According to William White in his ‘History and Gazetteer and Directory of Norfolk’ in 1836 it consisted of 1300 acres belonging to Henry Coldham the then Lord of the Manor and patron of the church who lived in Anmer Hall. At that time Anmer had 132 inhabitants, the population today is now in the low 50s having altered little over the last 10-20 years.

The word Anmer is thought to originate from the old English for ‘duck pond’ possibly referring to the still existing pond very near to Anmer church. We still have a few ducks, but every year we host flocks of  up to 8,000 pinkfoot geese which feed on bbet tops on the surrounding farmland

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